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Mood Radio (G-Mix)

This is a mix off all the hits found on Mood Radio plus Gam's favorites:
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Enigma Radio

Nothing but Enigma and it's Related artists

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Now Mood Radio is finally available in the car by using your AUX port!

Mood radio is just a fun way for you to listen to your favorite Enigma songs while surfing the web. The main station is the one embedded at the top. From time to time this station will go live but for the most part it's just a playlist. Mood Radio plays music by Enigma, Cause & Effect, and it's related artists. If you are interested in knowing more about Cause & Effect, you can visit their offical site at or my fan site at As always if you have a request just send it in to For all of you die-hard Enigma nuts out there you can listen to the Enigma and Enigma-like only playlist by clicking below:

Enigma/Enigma Related Playlist


New for 2011 is the podcast version of Mood Radio. Right now it's only the main version of the station but I am working on getting the Enigma version up and running. Finally you can take Mood Radio on the go with you and enjoy it where ever you are! You can download and follow the broadcasts here.

As of right now the main version of Mood Radio is playing all of my favorite songs and has not been narrowed down to just Enigma and it's related artists. I am working very hard on getting this project completed. Please be patient.

Wonder what the name of that song was that you heard on Mood Radio? Wanna know who the artist is of your favoite song? Try taking a look at the current playlst:

Enigma/Mood Radio Plylists

Disclaimer: The music that appears on this site is for promotional use only. Mood Radio and Enigma Radio is non-profit music that is for individual listeners only. You may not record the music and reproduce it in any format. The music is provided at very low quality. If you like what you hear, go out and purchase the music. The music can only be listened to and not downloaded to prevent illegal file sharing. All music on Mood Radio and Enigma Radio are taken from promotional copies so they are believed to be public domain. If you feel that something is being played that you own the copyright to and do not want it played, please send an e-mail to and request it to be removed. It is not the intent of,, and to violate any copyright laws that may apply. The music on Mood Radio and Enigma Radio are for personal use only. If you are not a webmaster of, or, you may not listen to the music and must navigate away from the page. Mood Radio and Enigma Radio are provided for fun. Mood Radio and Enigma Radio allow the webmasters to listen to their own music remotely.