The following are joint remix projects of Enigma tracks by myself as well as other Enigma fans.

Dream Of The Dolphin

Shimmering Voices Mix [Remix By Tripp Gwyn]
Shimmering Voices Remix [Remix By Tripp Gwyn & John Giambrone]

Morphing Thru Time

[Remix By Martyn Woolley & John Giambrone]

Martyn & Gam's Moon Rock Edit (6:18)
Martyn & Gam's Moon Rock Mix (7:57)
Martyn & Gam's Extended Moon Rock Mix [Whole Universe Mix] (10:08)

T.N.T. For The Brain

[Remix By Martyn Woolley & John Giambrone]

Yet another fantastic version by the Remix Twins Martyn Woolley & John Giambrone! Now Martyn and I have discovered the wonderful world of MP3's that allowed us to exchange files easily over the net rather than mailing CD's through the mail as we did in the past. Martyn and I had a lot of difficulity naming this mix. We decided to hold a "contest" called "name that tune" or name that mix...whatever. We had tons of suggestiions. It was very difficult but we decided to name it the "Hypothalamus Mix." This name was suggested by Vaughan van Dyk.

Martyn & Gam's Mix (5:23)
Martyn & Gam's Edit (4:03)


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