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Gam's Enigmatic World

Hello everyone and welcome to my Enigma Site. This is different from other Enigma sites because it contains tons of video footage not available anywhere else. This Enigma site was created while I was attending William Paterson University back in 1997. I took a small 3 day course in HTML editing and applied my skills to delivering something that we can all enjoy...Enigma! I'm no pro in HTML so my goal is took keep the navigation simple and basic. For all of you that have been visiting my site in the past you may have noticed that "Gam's Enigmatic World" has moved from to All this means is that you will hopefully have an easier time locating the site with a simle URL.


    View My Enigma Collection

    Here you will find a complete listing
    of all the Enigma CD's, 12" records,
    cassettes, and videos I own. I have tons
    of them so it is practically complete.
    The only CD's I am missing are various
    promos and different printings from
    different parts of the world. One thing is
    for's safe to say that I do have
    every mix!

    Enigma Videos

    This is the place to go if you still
    haven't seen all Enigma's wonderful
    music videos. The videos are not
    small samples but the full lengh version!
    There are some full length Sandra videos
    as well as other Enigma related

    Mood TV

    Music video show that
    airs only Enigma and related artists.
    Presented in Windows Media format.

    Mood Radio

    Sick of all the same crap on the radio?
    Feel better now that you
    can listen to all your favorite
    Enigma songs as well as
    Enigma's related artists non-stop all day!.

    My Homepage

    Stop by and visit my main index.

    For Sale

    See what's for sale in the Enigmatic store.

    Exclusive Enigma remixes!

    Here you will find a complete listing of
    all the Enigma tracks that I have remixed.
    Selected tracks can be downloaded.
    My favorite is all of the Carly's Song remixes.

    Related Artists

    This is the place to go to listen to
    other artists that sound similar to Enigma.
    You will also find tracks directly related
    to Enigma (i.e. Cretu, Sandra).
    These groups are discussed frequently
    on the Enigma Mailing List
    as well as the Enigma Message Board.

    Enigma Links

    My personal choices for the best
    information available on Enigma

    Sign my guestbook

    Please take the time to sign my guestbook
    and let me know what you think.

    Read my guestbook

    See the entries in my guestbook

    Old guestbook

    Did you sign my guestbook a long time ago
    and want to read it? click here


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