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Welcome to EffectOne Radio.  This is the place to listen to all your favorite C&E songs.  The station is not limited to Cause & Effect.  You will hear songs by other synthpop and new wave artists such as Information Society, New Order, and Depeche Mode just to name a few.  Have a request?  Let us know by sending us an email.

If you are on a PC you should see the player directly below the “On The Air” logo.  If you are using a MAC you may need to install the Flip4Mac plugin.  This will allow you to see the player in Safari.  This plug-in may not be available for Google Chrome users.  You can download Flip4Mac for free here.  If you are on a mobile device you will need to install the free Fstream player.  You can download the Fstream Player here. The direct URL for the stream is mms://www.gamsworld.com/effectone

The station is streamed at a full 128Kbps (CD quality). This is the recommended connection if you are on a computer or over wifi on your device. If you would like lower bit rates, a 64 Kbps connection is available here. You can also listen in FM quality with a 32 Kbps connection here. It will take approximately 16 hours at 128 Kbps to reach 1 GB of data usage.  At 64 Kbps it will take you approximately 32 hours and 64 hours listening at FM quality.  Please note that data rates will apply if you are not over a wifi connection so choose your connection appropriately.  You can refer to the chart below to choose your connection.  Click on the image below to to enlarge it. Clicking on the stations listed to the left will open up Windows Media Player on a PC and Flip4Mac on the MAC. You must download the Flip4Mac plugin on the MAC in order for this to work. The direct URLs listed to the right can be put into Fstream on your device as well.


A downloadable 2-hour radio show is available so you can download and listen later.  This show will be updated once per month and an archive is available here.  To download the current show click or tap here or the image below.

EffectOne Radio Show

EffectOne Radio